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Use your level of pain as an indicator. If you experiencing pain in the affected area, you may be aggravating the condition. It is recommended that these activities be avoided until there is a relief from pain.

For example, if you have a tendinitis in your shoulder (rotator cuff tendinitis), avoid day-to-day activities that require overhead lifting or reaching. Do not however avoid using the shoulder altogether. It should be stressed that non-painful activity with the affected limb is important to ensure that the limb/joint doesn’t stiffen creating a new set of problems.


Use ice (frozen peas or ice pack – wrapped in a wet towel or cloth) for 15 minutes, 2-3 times a day, and directly after an activity that uses the area affected by tendinitis. Consult a physiotherapist or your doctor to determine the best method of icing.


In the instance of ‘tennis elbow’, a sling can be worn to immobilize and protect the joint, limiting motion. With Achilles or patellar tendonitis, the use of an Ace bandage can help to minimize swelling.


Elevate the limb above the heart level if able to minimize swelling.


Consult your physician or Physiotherapist. There is no appropriate substitute for sound medical advice. Your own ‘best guess’ will more often than not, be wrong. Before beginning any fitness or rehabilitation program, check with your healthcare provider to ensure you aren’t going to irritate the condition. They are best able to provide you with the expertise you need to 1. Diagnose the condition, 2. Modify activities, and 3. Establish an appropriate program for rehabilitation.

The Sonocur® Orthopedic Extracorporeal Shockwave system is available in Canada and other countries where regulatory approval has been obtained. The Sonocur® Basic is FDA approved in the United States for the treatment of chronic lateral epicondylitis (tennis elbow).

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