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Bursitis and Tendinitis of the Hip

There are many bursal sacs in the groin and pelvic area and inflammation ("bursitis") may occur from overuse, infection, or other systemic problems. The trochanteric bursa is a common site for inflammation. Pain arising from this source may radiate up and down the thigh. In the more common (repetitive stress) type, there is localized tenderness over the trochanter (top of the femur/leg bone). Tendinitis and bursitis in this area can also occur after trauma.

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Groin Pain

Pain in the groin area is common in athletes. There are many causes, including infections, hernias, tumors, fractures and nerve or nerve root entrapment. These possibilities must first be investigated and excluded by your physician.

Tendon sprains and tendinitis may occur in several different muscle insertions in the groin. If tendinitis occurs near the insertion of some of these muscles on the pubis, it can often be effectively treated with the Sonocur.

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The Sonocur® Orthopedic Extracorporeal Shockwave system is available in Canada and other countries where regulatory approval has been obtained. The Sonocur® Basic is FDA approved in the United States for the treatment of chronic lateral epicondylitis (tennis elbow).

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