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Epicondylitis (Tennis and Golfers' Elbow) - Treatment

SonocurĀ® therapy is often very effective in the treatment of epicondylitis (tennis or golfer's elbow). Maximal effectiveness (75-90%) is most likely to occur when the painful area is at a specific point over the affected site. Generalized, non-localized elbow pain should not usually be treated with SonocurĀ® therapy.

In addition to treatment with the SonocurĀ® Orthopedic Shock Wave Therapy System, there are several generally accepted treatments used in overuse or repetitive stress disorders. These include:

  • Rest, ice, compression, elevation and activity modification
  • Braces, splints (forearm sleeve), and/or orthotics
  • Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDS) (e.g. Naprosyn, Advil Motrin, Nuprin, Alleve, Asprin etc.), Cox inhibitors (Celebrex, etc.)
  • Physiotherapy, rehabilitation, conditioning and general fitness
  • Steroid injections/ Local anesthetic
  • Surgery (rarely needed)

There are specific training techniques and equipment factors that are sport specific. For example, tennis elbow may respond to correction of backhand technique (lateral epicondylitis), forehand technique (medial epicondylitis), modification of racquet grip, head size or string tension. Similar factors also exist in many of the other "overuse injuries" and they should be corrected whenever possible.


The Sonocur® Orthopedic Extracorporeal Shockwave system is available in Canada and other countries where regulatory approval has been obtained. The Sonocur® Basic is FDA approved in the United States for the treatment of chronic lateral epicondylitis (tennis elbow).

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